Let new clients discover you effortlessly.

New clients can discover your service easily through familynet. When families create requests for new service providers we will forward the offers that are relevant to you, for free. You can respond by sending a personalized offer and discuss any further details with your new client.


When is my next job? familynet has the answer.

Accept service requests online, keep a clear overview of your upcoming appointments, and manage your invoices: all of this is easily done within the event overview online. Here you can see when your next job is, which jobs have been paid, and if a client has cancelled an appointment.

Office management made easy.

familynet makes it easy to manage your service. You can determine whether you offer a flat- or per hour rate, if you facilitate cash- or online payment, what services you provide and for what price. You can even communicate your cancellation policy, so there will be no longer misunderstandings when a customer cancels an appointment last minute.

Less bookkeeping and fast guaranteed payment.

Writing and sending out invoices, a dull but necessary task most self-employed professionals spend their free weekends on. familynet will save you this time, by writing and sending out the invoices for you. All the invoices will be archived and can be accessed from anywhere in your personal cloud-based overview. Additionally, familynet guarantees payment of your jobs within 48 hours after completion. 

We connect service providers with families


Which Professional?

How much will it cost?

When is the appointment?

Did I already pay?

Where can I get the invoice?



Appointment coordination

Overview of all your connections

Cashless payment

Automatic invoicing and archiving

Service Provider

When is my next job?

How much did I earn?

When will I receive my salary?

How and when will I take care of my bookkeeping?

Key Features



A clear overview of all your appointments: What time should I be where? And how much do I get paid?



After completion of the service an invoice will be sent to your client automatically.


You can receive and accept service requests from your clients directly online.



familynet will automatically transfer money from your clients bank account to yours.



Have access to all your invoices from anywhere in your personal Cloud-Archive.


familynet introduces your services to searching families. You decide whether to accept the job request or not.



To discuss details and other information with your clients you can easily exchange messages via familynet.



If you have more questions: