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+ What is familynet?

familynet is a service for families and service providers who primarily work for families. familynet facilitates easy coordination of appointments between families and service providers. In addition, familynet takes care of the entire payment process. As familynet generates invoices on your behalf it will save you a lot of time, and will make your annual bookkeeping a no-brainer. Furthermore, familynet guarantees your payment within 48 hours after finishing your job. No more need to remind your clients on transfering due amounts. Still not convinced? Your service will also be offered to families searching for a new service provider.

+ What type of service providers can use familynet?

familynet is there for all service providers who love to help their clients and make them happy. It does not matter in what category you belong, you can be a babysitter, tutor, or cleaning lady. But familynet is also there for you when you are a gardener, music teacher or a birthday clown. From now on you will only be a click away to make children laugh!

+ Do I have to be a self-employed service provider? And do I need a business license?

familynet makes it easy to coordinate appointments and generates invoices exclusively for self-employed service providers.

+ How can I get a business license?

To obtain a business license you can apply for one at your local government.

+ How much does familynet cost me?

For the creation of invoices, processing payments, coordinating appointments, and forwarding service requests from new potential clients, familynet charges a small fee.

+ Do I have to register?

In order to use familynet you have to register with your email-address and a password. After this, we will be able to connect you to your clients and provide you with a clear overview of your appointments. No worry, setting up an account is a matter of seconds! Go to to sign up as a service provider.

+ Where can I log in to my personal familynet account?

Registered service providers can log into their personal familynet account anytime and anywhere on

+ I forgot my account name or password.

When you forgot your password you can request a new one at anytime at

+ Whom should I turn to when I encounter problems while registering or logging in?

When you encounter any problems, please contact our support team at


My Responsibilities

+ How do I receive service requests from familynet families?

All familynet families who are connected with you through familynet can view the services you offer and can send you service requests accordingly. You will receive these requests immediately, via email or SMS, and decide for yourself whether you accept the offers or not.

+ How can I find new clients through familynet?

familynet users have the opportunity to be introduced to new service providers when they are looking for a service. They will specify what they are looking for in the familynet app (e.g. when and where they are looking for a service) and familynet will then forward you the requests that fits your profile, for free. You then decide if you accept or decline these new requests.

+ How do I define my service and determine my prices?

In your online account you can specify what services you offer and what the corresponding prices are. You decide whether you want to offer your service in time periods (e.g. 1 hour of piano lessons for €20, -) or at a fixed price (e.g. all piano tuning for €90, -). Whatever fits you and your service best!

+ What happens if my client cancels an appointment on short notice?

Of course your clients are free to cancel a booked appointment when necessary. However, we understand how problematic this can be for you. That is why you have the possibility to define your own personal cancellation policy in your online service area. Here you can determine when a cancellation fee will be activated, e.g. 24 hours beforehand, and how much the fee will be, e.g. 30% of the actual price. Please, do note that no cancellation policy can be allocated to services that are paid in cash.

+ Can I cancel an appointment?

Yes, that is possible. But please keep in mind, that when you have accepted a request from a client, he or she will see your confirmation as a binding commitment.

+ Is there an overview of my services and invoices?

In your online account you can see both your past and future jobs. In addition, you can also view all your invoices and their payment status.


Payment and Invoicing

+ How do I get paid when I use familynet?

When you offer a service through familynet, you can choose between cash or cashless payments. However, please keep in mind that only for cashless payments familynet guarantees settlement of the payment within 48 hours after completion and will generate the invoice accordingly.

+ Who creates the invoices for my clients?

familynet creates your invoices and sends them out on your behalf to your clients. Even though familynet sends your clients the paperwork, they of course remain your clients. The freshly generated invoice will be sent per email to both you and your clients. In addition, you can access all your sent invoices in your online account.

+ How do I settle my payments with my clients in familynet?

familynet creates an invoice on your behalf and sends it directly to both you and your client. Then, familynet will transfer your payment within 48 hours, after finishing your job. You can access all your sent invoices at any time in your online account.

+ How fast do I receive my payments?

familynet guarantees payment within 48 hours!

+ How much does familynet cost me?

For the creation of invoices, processing payments, coordinating appointments, and forwarding service requests from new potential clients, familynet charges a small commission. The size of this commission is dependent on the type and range of your service. Your commission is automatically deducted from the payments that familynet transfers to you.


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